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How Does The Assessment Work? 


What Are The Benefits Of  Trading With My Legacy Funds? 


Earn Up To 90% Of Account Gains When You Pass Your Assessment.

This will allow you to truly trade as if this were your own account and make huge leaps in your trading and financial goals.


Trade With No Time Limitations! 

Other programs force you to chase the markets to achieve their assessment and provide unrealistic environments for traders to succeed. We are here to change that. 

Hold Trades Over The Weekends and During High Impact News Events

 We understand that every trader has a different strategy and edge to the markets. We want to welcome all manual and autotraders. 

Double Leverage on Forexs and Metals 

Giving you more room to choose how you want to risk your accounts in a realistic environment. We want to push the boundaries of traders, giving them the best possible advantage to become Fund Managers.

Promote Your Trading Portfolio and Scale Your Trading Account Up  In Funding 

Traders who have managed Live Accounts with us for a year will have the ability to scale their accounts and manage more capital. The longer you can be a profitable trader and show your worth, we help add value to you to build Your Legacy.  

Become An Affiliate And Earn As You Become Popular

Becoming an affiliate of My Legacy Fund helps you to maximize your learning potential on the platform. Once you have passed the assessment and other traders want to grow with you, our platform helps you to grow with your friends in the community and leaderboards. 

Participate In Free Competitions And Win Free Assessments

Once in the community or on our broadcast list, you will be able to participate in trading challenges, showcasing your trading skills among traders globally. We will be entered to win prizes and much much more.

On-Time Payouts 

As Successful Traders, we understand that access to your gains on the Fund is important. We provide on-time, accurate payouts once per 30 days, and from there you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

   Instruments Available To Trade


Before Purchase: Make sure your instruments are available on the platform you would like to trade on. 


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                                                                  Everything you need to Build your Legacy as a Trader

My Legacy Starter Fund




Cost: $100

One Time Fee 

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My Legacy Basic Fund




Cost: $250

One Time Fee 

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My Legacy Beginner Fund




Cost: $500

One Time Fee

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My Legacy Intermediate Fund




Cost: $1,000

One Time Fee

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My Legacy Expert Fund




Cost: $2,500

One Time Fee

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My Legacy Master Fund




Cost: $5,000

One Time Fee

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               What Platform Can You Use To Trade With My Legacy Funds?


My Legacy Funds trades with: 


Offering over 4000 instruments for you to trade with. 



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My Legacy Funds is an affiliate of Prop Account, LLC. All funding assessments are provided by Prop Account, LLC, and all assessment fees are paid to Prop Account, LLC. If you qualify for a Funded Account, you will be required to enter into a Trader Agreement with Prop Account LC. Neither Prop Account, LLC nor Prop Account LC provides any trading education or other services. All such services are provided by My Legacy Funds.